Automate your marketing & intake systems so you can spend more time on billable hours.

We Help Immigration Lawyers Get Leads That Convert.

We are an automation and marketing company that focuses on using modern software that is simple to use and implement to streamline company processes to allow the business owner and their employees to have more time and energy to do what they do best. Which is legal work!

We also train your staff to know how to use these tools to make you more money and save time.

Stop Wasting Time On...

  • Repetitive Data Entry & Administrative Work
  • Manual Client Intake & Complicate Software
  • Worrying About Where Your Next Client Will Come From
  • Following up with leads for a long time hoping they sign up
  • Ineffective  Advertising

Start Putting Your Effort On...

  • Close more of your existing leads
  • Train & retain skilled salespeople
  • Automate your call & answering services
  • Streamline your intake process & software

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I can highly recommend Ian for any law firm that is looking to not only automate their systems but also to scale..."

Jacob Sapochnick, Sapochnick Law Firm

Most immigration lawyers have no idea where their next client is coming from...

We know...
We surveyed dozens of immigrations lawyers to find out what they're worried about...

"I don't know where my next clients are coming from."

"I need to get more cases and attract better clients."

"I want to secure more business."

These are just a few of the worries they had...

They also feel like they spend more time on marketing and administrative tasks than actual client work.
All of this time spent learning marketing, running ads they don't even know will work and trying to pump out endless content.
Cuts deep into their time and effectiveness.
And the result of all this marketing? Just a trickle of low quality leads.

To make matters worse, most firms don’t have a team of skilled salespeople.
Nobody who can follow-up and close deals.
Finding and hiring these salespeople is hard. And once you do find them and train them, they often leave... setting you right back at the beginning.
And who has all this overhead for training and hiring new salespeople anyways?
You just want to get back to actually helping clients.

Download our FREE report to discover...

"How we booked 116 Consultations In 2 Weeks With Zero Ad-Spend"

But What If You Had An Easy, Proven System To Get A Constant “Flood” of New Leads and Automatically Convert Them To Customers With No Hassle?

How we do it


Generate a "Flood of New Leads"

  • Up to date Google PPC and display advertising, to drive search traffic to your business.
  • High-converting Facebook retargeting sequences, so that you can capture more people who have visited your website.
  • Creative email and text campaigns that people actually like receiving so you can turn them into clients.
  • Double or triple your lead flow through automation alone, so you don’t have to spend new money to get more leads.
  • Reach your end user on up to 90% of the Internet, so you can capture the widest amount of your target audience.

Instantly Convert That “Flood” Into Paying Clients

  • Highly-skilled 3rd party call services that convert your leads into paying clients, so you don’t have to bother with follow up calls.
  • Automated client intake systems that save you hundreds of hours of tedious paperwork.
  • Inbound answering services to field calls so the highly-paid members of your team can work on other tasks.
  • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that make hiring & training your staff smooth and easy.
  • Integration of your software so you can work with them seamlessly and stop wasting money on products you don’t need.

About us

I started this company in 2018 after working on the marketing campaign for an immigration firm... I saw firsthand how burnt out some of the partners were. Instead of working on what matters most to them, which was client work, they were struggling to find new clients and manage their teams. 

They particularly struggled with sales. Some of their team members were too shy to make phone calls. And some of them were just flat out rude, costing these lawyers an enormous amount of business. In other cases, highly-paid employees were doing sales calls they were too qualified for.

I saw an opportunity to help immigration lawyers get more business and make their lives easier. I love seeing lawyers rekindle their passion for their business and work.

Ian almasi

cEO, Founder & Grandson

of an immigration lawyer

Want to learn more about what we do?

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