Helping Immigration Firms grow consistently through innovative approaches,
proven strategies & consistent results.

Before having Immigration Finder as a trusted partner, Immigration Firms face:

  • Repetitive Data Entry & Administrative Work
  • Manual Client Intake & Complicate Software
  • Worrying About Where Your Next Client Will Come From
  • The constant hamster-wheel of “hiring & firing”

After having Immigration Finder as a trusted partner, Immigration Firms love:

  • Having their skilled sales people trained & retained
  • Having an organized system of operation
  • Having their call & answering services automated
  • Having their intake process & software completely streamlined

What Our Clients Say

“I can highly recommend Ian for any law firm that is looking to not only automate their systems but also to scale..."

Jacob Sapochnick, Sapochnick Law Firm

Our Proprietary 4-Step Process Has Been Built Upon Proven
Strategies To Achieve Success

But What If You Had An Easy, Proven System To Get A Constant “Flood” of New Leads and Automatically Convert Them To Customers With No Hassle?

Our Proprietary 4-Step Process Has Been Built Upon Proven
Strategies To Achieve Just That:


We’ll provide a full assessment of existing business processes and share insight into where your ad dollars are being spent and what your cost per acquisition is.


We’ll customize a white-label platform that integrates your firm’s tech and becomes a HUB for tracking automated tasks and leads.  


We’ll re-allocate your ad dollars into the right channels and automate your campaigns to generate more quality leads and reviews for your firm. 


We’ll track the success of your new marketing strategy, implement more tools and create video SOPs to ensure staff has proper training and you’re maximizing ROI .

About us

I started this company in 2020 after working on the marketing campaign for an immigration firm. I saw firsthand how burnt out some of the partners were. Instead of working on what matters most to them, which was client work, they were struggling to find new clients and manage their teams.

They particularly struggled with sales. Some of their team members were too shy to make phone calls. And some of them were just flat out rude, costing these lawyers an enormous amount of business. In other cases, highly-paid employees were doing sales calls they were too qualified for.

I saw an opportunity to help immigration lawyers get more business and make their lives easier. I love seeing lawyers rekindle their passion for their business and work.


  1. Multidisciplinary approach to your needs - We focus on bringing in ‘A Players’ when it comes to branding, marketing, sales, and automation, & US immigration.

  2. ‘Done For You’ - Let us worry about managing your entire customer journey

  3. Not our first rodeo - With every need you have, we provide deep technical knowledge of working across the multiple platforms/tools/software your firm already has integrated.

  4. Under One Roof - We provide In-house sales agents exclusively – not third party.

  5. ‘Above & Beyond’ Care - Your results directly impact ours, which is why we have a genuine desire to see your firm succeed.

  6. Proven track record – Check out some of our many success stories above

  7. One step ahead from other competitors - We provide a dedicated sales team for each client

  8. Thoroughly Documented Process - We also train your team with thorough documentation/SOPs, so if required, you can manage your own sales and marketing

  9. Powered by immigration - Our tasks & processes are managed by an international, multicultural, and multilingual team – In fact, many are immigrants themselves.

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