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December 21, 2022

When writing a job post for your Immigration Law Firm there are a few elements that can make a difference in attracting the right person to the job.

When posting the job on an editor there are a few elements to make your post visually appealing:

  • Try to avoid too much block text.
  • Write things out with bullet points to make it easier to scan.

When it comes to content, here are some of the elements that you won’t want to be missing from your job post:

  1. Company Values

Set the scene for what your company cares about and what the company culture is. You want to find a candidate that will fit into your company and whose values will align with the company. 

  1. Daily Activities

Give them a baseline criteria for what you will expect them to do, as well as giving them a run down on what a day in the life of that role would look like. 

  1. Key Proficiencies

List out the necessary skills to perform the day to day tasks that the role will entail. You want to make sure that the prospect reading your job post finds themselves capable of filling this role. 

When hiring for an entry level position, especially in immigration, you can make it known that you do not expect them to know everything about immigration, but that they will be learning as a part of their job.

  1. Call to Action 

We like to include a couple calls to action throughout the job post to encourage those truly interested in the position to apply and get in touch with the company. For example, we include a hiring test, and will only screen and interview the candidates that complete the test. 

  1. Pay

Especially when hiring for a remote role, it is important to include the pay and currency the pay will be in. 

Here at immigration finder we write many job posts for our clients, so if you need any help with your job post, or have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us!

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