What do you do?

We are an automation company that focuses on using modern software that is simple to use and implement to streamline company processes to allow the business owner and their employees to have more time and energy to do what they do best. Which is legal work!

We also train your staff to know how to use these tools to make you more money and save time.

How much do your services cost?

Our prices vary based on the size of the company we are working with. We have complementary resources and services. 

We have something to fit every budget, if you have the work ethic to build your immigration firm. Please book a call with us here: https://immigrationfinder.com

We often save companies money by looking at a company’s software stack and having things work together more efficiently and eliminating unused/unnecessary tools. 

How do you help?

We have a number of different ways that we help our immigration partners and we are getting better at it by the day. We normally do a preliminary audit and consultation to ensure we have the right game plan to scale your firm to the moon!

What is an sop?

An SOP is a standard operating procedure. Which is a military term. In our case we build written and video SOPs for immigration firms of practices we implement into their business  so they can easily implement new systems and train new and existing staff as they grow.

Do I have to be tech savvy to work with you?

You don’t have to be tech savvy to work with us. You must however be open to change and be growth minded. How cooperative you and your staff are to change will be the deciding factor in how successful we are in partnership with you. 

There is nothing we can do that replaces the hard work and effort of your staff. We do everything we can to allow your staff to do what they do best and build systems and processes that allow you and your staff to do more of what you are good at.

What extra costs are there to working with Immigration Finder?

Depending on how we work with each other there can be an extra software and advertising cost. The software can range from $0 to $97 per person depending on the software. We work hard to keep these costs down, and many firms overspend on software as it is. 

When we begin working with a firm, we look at their software stack to see which tools should stay, which should go, and how we can get existing tools to work together. This varies per business needs and wants.

How do we work with you?

We work with immigration lawyers and their firms virtually and have worked in person. We normally communicate via Zoom web conferencing, email, WhatsApp, phone calls, and with video recordings of work we have done for our partners.

We manage our tasks inside of a software called Redbooth You will be able to see what we are working on at all times.

How long does it take to make money?

This varies per business as every business is unique. This is often dependent on how adaptable your staff is to adopting new processes. We can’t help you if you or your staff aren’t willing to do the work needed to build a business. 

We often start with adding automated text and email marketing to immediately book appointments for your firm with more of your existing prospects. 

We also have a call team that can call past leads in your database so we can get you appointments and warm transfers immediately without spending additional money on ad spend from platforms like Google, Youtube, Facebook, and/or buying leads from other sources.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We offer guarantees based on deliverables. Depending on your business and your budget we can offer pay per performance pricing on some of our services. This is a case by case basis as we have had issues being compensated companies when we have worked on pay per performance models. It is also illegal to split attorney fees with someone that isn’t an attorney.

The majority of our partners pay us $1,000 - $3,000 per month on an ongoing or project based retainer. With additional charges for software and ad spend depending on the services rendered.

What other companies do you work with?

We are glad you want to know if we are legit! 

Please book a call with us to ask more about our experience level and how we can help. 

Our longest partnership in the immgration field started in November 2018. We are still working with this company and you are more than welcome to view a video testimonial from the here: 

Jacob Sapochnick Testimonial for Immigration Finder

How does confidentiality work with using your software?

All software we use in our firm with partners is fully encrypted and legal to use with your client database. We are held to high standards of confidentiality and take this into full consideration. Your data belongs to the firm we partner with and that firm alone. We will not redistribute, sell, or duplicate data without written and expressed consent of the firm(which is rare).

Who owns the landing pages you make?

We normally host our own landing pages when we advertise for companies. The company is allowed to copy the landing page(s) that we build for them and use them for their own purposes. Companies are not allowed to copy our landing pages without our prior consent.

How long have you been doing this?

The original company that our founder started was Pilchick Media Marketing, LLC which has morphed into Immigration Finder. Which now focuses exclusively on servicing the immigration niche. 

Pilchuck Media Marketing, LLC started in October 2017 and began working with their first immigration firm in November of 2018. That immigration law firm is still one of valued partners to this day. The Law Offices of Jacob J. Sapochnick in San Diego, CA.

The media buyers working with immigration Finder have been working in the immigration marketing niche for over 6 years each!! They are experienced and very good at getting profitable results for our iimmigration partners.

How big is your team?

Right now we are a small company. Most of our labor is outsourced and subcontracted. Which is how we stay competitive with pricing. 

Currently our team consists of our CEO and Founder Ian Almasi and skilled labor sourced from the following companies that we have aligned with.

How will we communicate?

We communicate with our partners via Zoom web conferencing, phone calls, WhatsApp, and email mostly. We often get added to company’s slack channels as well to help the business grow.

Who will I talk to when I work with Immigration Finder?

Your main point of contact at Immigration Finder will most likely be Ian Almasi. Our founder and CEO. Depending on the service that you sign up for, you may also communicate with a separate team member, like out Operations Manager or Technician.

What makes your company unique?

Unlike other companies in our space, we are immigration specific and ensure you have profitable systems instead of a bunch of extra work. 

We want our partners to feel as excited about their firm as they were when they started the company. Our passion in life is automating immigration law firms and we love doing it!

What we do helps immigration have a smooth immigration process.

We often become part of our partners' businesses and get to know their staff well.