by Ian Almasi

December 30, 2020

If you are working virtually, or your business is done online, you might have encountered different programs for appointment setting. Actually, there are a lot of them, but there are some platforms that stand out from the crowd: Calendly, Acuity, and ScheduleOnce. But what do these platforms do specifically? What are their pros and cons? And most importantly, what should you use?

Appointment scheduling software such as these allow businesses and professionals to manage appointments and bookings. This type of software is also known as an appointment booking software and online booking software. It makes management of the brand’s scheduling system more organized and optimized for the business.

Usually, the appointment scheduling system has five integral parts; Customer Scheduling, Staff Scheduling, Automatic Reminders, Calendar Management, and Real-Time Automation. These five aspects create the main platform of the application, and more.


Calendly is perfect for people who want to use the latest technology for practical purposes. Making appointments is very easy: all you need to do is share your Calendly link, and people will be able to see your whole calendar and make an easy appointment. Calendly is great for people with busy schedules, as it gets rid of the long appointments and saves time.

  • It allows for flexible scheduling between customers or group members as well as for one on one appointments and for group meetings.
  • The software offers integration with Google Calendar, Outlook 365, or just about any other calendar software that you might already be using.
  • It offers easy customization of templates, meeting times, daily limits, and more.
  • You won’t need to worry about timezones, as they are automatically handled by the application.
  • It is compatible with most devices and platforms.


Acuity is another appointment scheduling software to fill and manage your schedule. From the moment clients book with you, it automatically sends branded & customized booking confirmations, delivers text reminders, reschedules on its own, and processes payments so your day-to-day tasks run smoother even as business gets busier. All you need to do is manage the business using the application.

  • The ability to add buffer times between meetings and to disable the ability for a last minute meeting to be scheduled overnight without giving you time to prepare for it.
  • A client can make a “reservation, appointment, booking” that is dated more than one year from the current day.
  • High degree of customization of the calendar settings for each staff member and appointment type.
  • User-friendly interface for easy perusal.


ScheduleOnce is a cloud-based scheduling system that helps brands and businesses of various sizes to schedule and manage online engagements with your customers and prospects. The automatic booking functionality allows consumers to schedule meetings which are automatically entered on employee calendars.

  • It is very easy for current clients to access the schedule and make changes on their own or with other team members.
  • Reports from meetings are easy to review and easy to see from a customer’s perspective.
  • Available on almost all devices and platforms.

Now that you have an idea of these three platforms and their specifics, you can decide which one to use depending on your preference and your business needs. Some features are available through basic or free editions, but if you are running a business, it is best to get the pro edition to maximize the software for business integration. There are also trials for each application and it is best to test them out first if you want the full experience when using the platform.

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