by Ian Almasi

October 24, 2020

Remember the times when we still used external flash drives to store data and files? Not so long ago, these came in real handy — right when we needed to store files immediately, or pull a file right on the go. This seems logical a few years back, but today, you rarely see people carry something like it. Why? Because mobile devices can be used to store files, and also with the introduction of Cloud file storages.

Files can now be accessed online, the best two applications that offer this are Dropbox and Google Drive. Both have the same functionality: to store files. But what are the differences and which one is better to use? Let us discuss the pros and cons of each file storage.


Dropbox is not only easy to use, but you may be able to get all you need from its free version. If you need more storage or more features than what the free Dropbox version offers, you’re going to end up spending more monthly on Dropbox than you would for the same storage from a competitor. Dropbox can be used free but the user is limited to 2 GB storage, which can be upgraded by a paying subscription.


  • Automatic File Backup
  • Advanced Software Integration
  • Offline Working Capabilities


  • Lack of Elite-Level Security
  • Limited Search Function
  • Provides 2GB of free storage (lower than Google Drive)

Google Drive

Google Drive, on the other hand, is a one-stop-shop that gives you access to programs like Gmail, Docs, Slides, Spreadsheets, and more. It’s really ideal for Enterprises, if you’re looking into more storage and features.


  • Easy to manage
  • User-friendly interface
  • File Management, organization, and shareability
  • Provides 15GB of free storage


  • Acceptability
  • Less integration with applications
  • Slower syncing
  • Shared storage

Whatever you choose, both are very useful file storage platforms. Both may have its pros and cons and it all boils down to your need. There’s no denying that Google Drive and Dropbox are very useful for its functions and are an integral part of people’s lives may it be for business or personal use.

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