by Ian Almasi

September 25, 2020

Do you want to automate tasks that are sucking the time out of your day?

Zapier is an online tool that automates basic tasks from other applications. Not all tasks from all applications can be automated. There are specific tasks Zapier can automate.

Automation is critical to all aspects of online business, especially marketing campaigns. Imagine manually opening hundreds of inquiries and support requests as well as responding to them. Manually responding can be tedious and time-consuming.

Zapier provides integration and automation between applications.  They support a variety of applications and platforms for intuitive integration to assist with campaigns and strategies for online business administration.

The steps to discover whether the application you need to automate are available are fairly simple:

  1. Go to

2. Search the app in the search bar to look for the “trigger” application. Triggers are the specific things to activate the action and action is what will happen if the trigger is activated.

There are a lot of applications and platforms you can optimize and integrate using Zapier —  social media platforms, CRMs, document or file viewers, and more. It is free to access the information about what tools and systems are open for integration.

Zapier also provides tutorials on how the integration works for the automation.

3. You can now set the triggers and actions. Here is an example:

Trigger = User opted-in for the campaign and submitted his or her email address on Facebook

Action = Send email to the email address that opted-in on Facebook

Look at it as a cause and effect situation.

4. Once you have chosen the apps, triggers, and actions, you can also set specific features for the automation. You will be redirected to another page to complete those steps.

The Interface of Zapier is user-friendly whether you are new to Zapier or a pro. It can cut the time on doing many critical business operations. Why do it manually if you can automate it?

What is your favorite Zapier automation? Let us know in the comments.

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