by Ian Almasi

October 12, 2020

Gmail has been very useful for both personal and business use. Google offers free-to-use emails for daily use and with accompanying features that is deemed important for day-to-day communication. There are a lot of functionalities and features you can set for your Gmail account. Here are some of the things you need to set up for your new email on Google.

1. First thing you can do is log in your Gmail account. Once logged in, you can see there are labels at the left side. You can edit these and also add labels to organize your account based on your preference.

2. To access the setting account, click on the gear icon at the top right part of the account.

3. After clicking the gear button, you can select themes or other personalization for the interface of the account. You can quickly change the density, theme, and inbox type on the quick settings.

4. You can also click on the ‘See all Settings’ option. Once clicked, you will see different tabs where you can personalize your Gmail account.

a. General

Under the General tab, you can set the basic set up for the account. You can change the language, phone number, maximum page, and many others in this tab. It is more on the general settings you can change for the account. Keep in mind to change these depending on your preference.

b. Labels

In the Label tab, you can set the labels at the right side of the homepage of the email address.

c. Inbox

The inbox tab gives you the settings to edit your inbox depending on what you need and preferences.

d. Accounts and Import

In this tab, you can change password, import contacts and mail from other servers, and use aliases or change the displayed email address that you want for your account.

e. Filters and Blocked Addresses

If you want to block or filter email addresses from your Gmail, you can set it here. You just have to create a filter and add email addresses to block.

f. Forwarding and POP/IMAP

IMAP allows you to access your email wherever you are, from any device. POP works by contacting your email service and downloading all of your new messages from it.You can automatically forward your messages to another address. You can choose to forward all new messages, or just certain ones.

g. Add-ons

You can install developer add-ons from Apps Script. Developer add-ons are simply add-ons which haven’t been published. If you’re a developer, installing your developer add-on allows you to test it prior to publishing. Some add-ons are specific to a particular organization or user and thus aren’t intended for wider publication; you can install these add-ons as developer add-ons.

h. Chat and Meet

This tab is for Google Hangouts which is the messaging application integrated with Gmail.

i. Advanced

There are also additional settings you can enable and disable for Gmail. Make sure to check the advance tab for the settings.

j. Offline

You may read, respond to, and search your Gmail messages even when you aren’t connected to the Internet. The latest changes will take place once you are connected to the internet.

k. Themes

You can select the theme here also, which is available in the quick settings. Click on set theme, then it will show you different themes to choose from.

Here are the things you need to visit and set up for newly created Gmail accounts. Make sure that you set it up according to your preferences to make the most of the free services Gmail provides for its clients!

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