by Ian Almasi

February 22, 2021

If you own a business or have been an employee for so long and you’d like to branch out and pass off your task to someone who can do it for you, then it’s about time to hire someone. In doing this, it should be for the right reasons. There are things to consider before you hire people for task delegation. 

Hiring someone is not as easy as it sounds because there are factors and aspects that you need to consider before making a move – it can either make or break your business, or even your job.

In this article, we are going to focus on two key points – ‘When’ and ‘How’ to hire your first person.

When to hire your first person?

The task is overwhelming

If the job is already overwhelming and you are getting stressed day in and day out, maybe it’s the best time to hire someone. Being burdened with too much work is counterproductive, which means the best way to thrive is to hire additional help for the task. Hiring someone doesn’t mean you are incapable, it just means that the business is thriving or the workload provided is too much for a single person. Aside from being overwhelming, you can also delegate tasks that spark the least of your interests or skills. Make sure that the task to be given has a fast learning curve to ensure that the process of work is not affected.

More people means more efficiency

If a task can be done by an individual but takes too long to finish, it is a sign to hire someone to assist you with it. If the task can be finished quickly as a two-person job or a team and the resources available are sufficient, then adding someone to the job is a good thing for the business or work.

There is enough work to be outsourced

Make sure that there is enough workload to be outsourced correctly. If you are going to hire a person to help you with a task, be sure that the job can’t be done by a single person. Hiring someone if you can do the job alone just lessens the revenue and can cause serious financial repercussions. 

How to Hire your first person?

Look for people appropriate for the job

If you are finding people to work for you, make sure that the skills and character are in line with your preference. You should not hire a person just because he or she has a lot of merits or accomplishments, but instead look for the overall performance and personality of the person. 

Give the task to the right person

Once you have selected a group of people to consider for hiring, select the best fit for the job description. Similar experience and knowledge about the job is a huge plus when hiring someone.

It may be easy to hire someone for the job, but it is difficult to find the right reason and the right person you need. Whether the task is too much for a single person or the business is thriving, a helping hand is always an option to be successful.

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